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Explainer Video Company in Delhi


Are you looking for an animated explainer video

Lets get straight to it, you have landed here because you are looking for an explainer video company in Delhi to make powerful video for your specific marketing goal. Videos are more popular today, they can deliver a tonne of information in a very short span of time.  We have talented script writers, copywriters, voice over artists (all major languages and accents) that can maximize the marketing impact of the video.

What types of explainer videos can we make ?

White Board Animation Videos in Delhi

People love whiteboard animation videos. They are quite familiar with it. Its the best and most popular way of articulating information in a concise way. It has a teaching feel to it. Here is an example of a whiteboard animation video



You need  a whiteboard animation if :-

1. You want to explain a new concept or product or a service to the end user. For example online dry cleaning service, home car service, flow of a mobile app that the user is not familiar with etc.

2. You want to explain about your company in a glance.

3. You want to emphasize on a business process for example a company who does lead generation can explain their method of lead generation and the way they do business.

4. You want to introduce something for the first time.


Character Animation Videos

This is when you add color to your videos. While whiteboard fulfills almost every requirement of any industry. Sometimes a characters is required to explain the business or product or service because of the nature of the business. Lets say you have a business of letting out property online which is free from broker intervention. You will need to emote certain aspects of the problem in the video. When your client will save on comission and connect directly with the owner, the character should show a genuine emotion of happiness and ease. It all depends upon the script and your end objective.  Here is an example


Promotional Videos

Its a very short video which can be used in any ad campaign to help create a buzz or even drive sales. Lets say you are coming up with an exclusive service or product and you want to create a buzz around it. Or lets just say you are an established brand you want to tease your buyers with the new collection. This is the kind of video you can go for.



Green Screen Video Acting

If you deal in a product or service that is highly trust based, then you should always have a face on the video. Having a face, emotes the video well and at the same time increases attention span of the users. It helps to gain trust of the viewer if the actor can deliver the message well. This kind of video can bring in very good conversions. The script is the key here. And ofcourse the actor plays a big part here. Here is an example.



Corporate Presentation Video

Well as the name suggests, this is a perfect fit for a corporate setup. This can be customized to every business needs. This type of a video can also be made for a product or service or just about anything. Its a mix of everything above. The script must be short, sharp and to the point. This video can even hold its sheen without a voiceover. Here is an example



A good video should be nicely conceptualized, should be short if possible and should deliver the intended message. Its a great choice to maximize your marketing impact.

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